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Pass Plus Course

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The PASS PLUS is really a instruction program for recently qualified drivers. The course was specifically designed by professionals working within the the driving teaching industry (and also insurance companies).
This pass plus can be only offered to drivers who've passed their practical test within twelve months of their practical test. The PASS PLUS course is made up of six components which cover driving in different weather conditions, driving on country roads, driving during night time, and driving on motorways and dual carriageways.
Several of the benefits from the course are:
  • You will be more confident on the road
  • You will be far more conscious of the road and conditions
  • An expert instructor can cut down the time it takes for you to create your road expertise
  • You will be less most likely to possess an accident
  • You are going to SAVE Money on automobile insurance coverage premium.


Pass Plus*

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 PPCPass Plus Course (6 hours)
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 *No discount is available on this course.